Monday, November 05, 2007

More Video from the Turkey Vulture Festival

Juanita (Circles In The Sand)
Here's another song I played at the Turkey Vulture Festival. One of my older songs about the roaming the hills of California. Yes, Sagebrush can draw circles in the sand-- when the wind pushes the branches from different directions. The branch could not scribe a complete circle without snapping, but it can draw a portion of one. When the wind switches directions, it can draw another portion as the first one is being erased. So a complete circle can only appear when the wind changes directions many times in a short period. (Natural Science 101) So it's a rare and cherished event when you find one.

I've found a couple, but I ain't tellin' where....

Some more video of the Vulture Fest, by Erin, here:


Keep exploring, my friends. That's how you find things....